Boys Varsity Basketball · Day to day: Hebron, Grennes not looking too far ahead

One day at a time.

It’s a coach speak cliche’ under normal circumstances, but never more appropriate than in 2020, when nothing is guaranteed in athletics or anything else.

“A lot of this is day to day, week to week,” Hebron coach Mike Grennes said. “We’ve just got to push through when situations come up. The kids know it. We just have to continue to practice. They’re doing a great job. We’ve had a few kids out earlier who are back. Right now, we’re doing well. We’re full strength. But ask me tomorrow and we could be down two, three kids. Everybody’s got the same issues. We’re all on the same playing field.”

The Hawks will get their first look at somebody other than themselves Saturday when they take on Lake Station in a scrimmage. They are scheduled to open the season Friday versus Kouts.

“It’s hard to look ahead two games, three games,” Grennes said. “We’re just hoping to get to next Friday. I’ve taken a different attitude this year, too. I’m just glad to be out here. I tend to be more understanding than in years past. One thing for sure this year, you start to appreciate, I hate to say it, hopefully just being able to have a season.”

The court, in that sense, becomes a sanctuary of sorts for players and coaches, an brief escape from everything else.

“You get out there, it all goes away, at least for a short time,” Grennes said. “You get on the floor, it’s like, let’s go. I think the kids need it. You have kids out and they come back, it’s like a shot in the arm, especially if it’s some of your better players. We’re seven, maybe eight deep. We have one or two go down, it changes the whole team. I think, this season, you’re going to see scores and wonder, what happened there? You’re going to find out they were missing players.”

To that end, Grennes emphasizes to his players the importance of doing everything within their power to protect themselves and, in turn, their teammates.

“I keep preaching to the kids, be smart, wash your hands, sanitize, wear masks, realize when you do these things, hopefully we can keep playing,” he said. “Also, who are you hanging out with? Are you hanging out with people who aren’t as cautious as you are? It may cost us a couple weeks here and there.”